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Alpha Abrasive Blasting

Customer Service & Quality are Always First

Alpha Abrasive Blasting Specializes in all types of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Blasting Services.

As a leader in abrasive blasting we service the full spectrum of blasting jobs. From large companies right down to the neighborhood home owner. We have the capabilities for a variety of different applications. We are small enough to handle custom jobs, restorations and antiques, and yet large enough to handle large companies. Our specially trained staff is able to service you with environmentally safe services with low to no environmental impact. We have state of the art dust collection systems used for on-site work. Quality and safety is first and foremost.

We have a full line of blasting materials to choose from that we specifically tailor to the needs of each job. We specialize in on-site blasting and also have a climate controlled blast room for those special jobs.